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About Us

Tim and Gayla Guptill moved to Grand Manan and purchased the old Newton's General Store in the spring of 2017. With the dream of reopening the doors and welcoming the community to enjoy the character of the building with a freshly brewed coffee, homemade sweet, and friends around the table, the couple spent the next year renovating, restoring, and preparing the building for its new lease on life. 


As for the couple's experience running a cafe, well, they have none. However, Gayla has had a myriad of opportunities that have filled her toolbelt with everything she needed to open Newton's. From experience in catering, business management, crafting, commissioning, and more, there is nowhere else all of her gifts and talents could have been so fitting all under one roof. Newton's has not only become a part of Grand Manan, but it truly is a part of us.





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